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Bible Study/Small Group Questions

Real discussions around real topics need to happen.

And what better place to have these discussions than with your small groups and/or your pastor.

We have compiled a list of topics and some talking points to help you get started. We know these subjects can be difficult for some to spend time on, but we feel it is our responsibility to do so.

  1. How can you be a Christian and Vote for a Democrat?
    • By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Matthew 7;16M
    • The Fruit of Voting for Democrat = Abortion(Killing Unborn Children, Anti-Jesus (want Jesus removed from our society), Transgender Bathrooms, Racism, Pedophilia, Human Trafficking, No Police, Riots, Closing down Churches, Against the Law for Home Bible Studies. The Democratic platform has been attacking Christianity for years now and have revealed their TRUE IDENTITY as a COMMUNIST/SATANIST party that wants to DESTROY AMERICA and CHRISTIANITY.
    • Question: How do You as a Christian reconcile that with your beliefs voting for a Democrat, are you not voting for the Enemy?
    • Do you understand this is Spiritual Warfare?
    • Look at graph below & how many Christians vote against their beliefs, how do we change that?
    • Why isn't my Pastor talking & leading on this issue?
    • Will Christians have to form their own Political Party?
    • That's just to start with but should be enough to open discussion. This is emotional discussion for many but one that needs to happen and Christian's need to understand the ramifications of their vote and the world we live in.
  2. Make Better Media Choices - You are Being Brainwashed!! - Stop supporting the Enemy Part 2!
    • The Bible is about Renewing your mind, The Media is about destroying your mind! Jesus warned us of this!
    • Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2
    • CNN, NBC, ABC, ESPN, CBS, PBS, DISCOVERY, DISNEY, the list goes on & on, all propaganda stations for Liberal Agenda (ANTI CHRISTIAN). When you watch their TV Shows or Click on their websites you are generating $$$ (revenue) for them......Google, Facebook & other social media platforms are CENSORING Conservative/Christian views.
    • Question: How can you make better Media choices & not support the Enemy? Have you ever done a Media Fast, take your Media time & spend more time in the Word, with Family or Helping a Neighbor, support Christian programming / media?
    • Click for programming links
  3. The Fall of the Cabal
    • 3 hour video includes Corrupt Politicians, Churches, Medical System, Media brainwashing, Secret Society, Super Wealthy Pedophile Ring & much more ........suggest watching in 1 hour segments & discuss with your Bible study group
    • Are Democratic Leader's part of this Satanist Cult ? Who Else is involved, Judges, Republicans, CEO's, Churches Charities, Global Leaders & Royalty, Hollywood, Mossad - Israeli Intelligence ? Human trafficking & pedophiles?
    • The Fall of the Cabal- Video
    • Shadowland - Book by Thomas R Horn - Internationally Acclaimed Expert on the Occult
    • X-22 - Daily News Update
    • Head of the Snake - Wexner, Maxwell’s, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed - Video
    • Suggestions: With your small group watch video's, read book & listen to X-22 daily update couple times & discuss.
    • Question: How much of Video's and book do you think is true ? Is Spiritual Warfare RAGING all around us and we CHRISTIANS have our head in the sand? Does the level of EVIL & CORRUPTION documented in above information shock you? Why is God exposing this EVIL at this time? How can we as CHRISTIANS do a better job of standing up for & representing Jesus in America and Globally?
  4. Donald Trump - Do you hate him yet?
    • That's been the media's job for last 3+ years is for you to hate him. Personally i think he's a little narcissistic, but no one's perfect and NO PRESIDENT has ever done More for CHRISTIANS then Trump. By Executive Order he removed the muzzle from our preachers, they can speak freely now & not have IRS harassing them. Social Media has been CENSORING Christians/Conservative Voices for years, Trump again stepping in with another Executive Order. Trump naming Jerusalem Capital is big deal Biblically. Attacks on your President aren't just political, there is a Spiritual Battle Raging.
    • Question: Have you prayed for The President who has done more for Christians than any previous President & under constant attack before even entering office, has your Pastor ?
  5. Racism isn't the problem Brainwashing by Democrats/Media & Personal Responsibility Are!
    • What's the common theme between a child growing up in the Middle East being taught America & Israel are Evil, a Black Child in America being taught every day that they are being discriminated against, N Korea's children are taught Kim Jong-un is God like figure........Young Minds being Brainwashed by people with Evil intentions.
    • In America Democrats & Media have controlled the minds of black communities for years & you see the results.....Black Americans dominate the crime statistics in almost every major city & that's because 75% didn't have a Father at home....unless you're born with a silver spoon or family of politician in America you are going to get discriminated against, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, life's not fair.......but and it's a big but, just being born in United States of America You are Wealthier than 93% of the World & opportunities are there for everyone if you make the effort. There are many successful Black Americans in our society.....67% of Govt jobs go to minority......We spend big $ on Education with poor results versus rest of world ..... Personal & Social Responsibility & Spiritual Issue/Leadership plaque our black communities not Racism, you'll never hear about in the Media or from many Pastors......Jesus teaches of what happens with destruction of family & were seeing that in black communities across America ..........
    • Question: Discuss points above and how your Small group could get involved in supporting an inner city or underprivileged area school through your church....Mentoring Fatherless Youth will go along way.......Tony Evans has a church adopt a school plan that can be implemented easily already put together.
    • Wouldn't it be nice to see Athletes & Nike commercials promoting Fathers being Responsible in our Black Communities & Anti Crime/Gang Messages –

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